PaperPoly Story

I love doing 3D. It all started back when I was 12 years old and I started messing around in 3D Studio r4 (that's for DOS, not Windows). Back then all my models and animations had some kind of carnage in them. :)

Later, my life went into another direction, and I ended up doing Web Development for 15 years, with some 3D here and there.

Now I'm 37 years old, have a lovely 1 year old daughter and a caring wife.

I switched from doing Web to become an indie game developer recently which made me work in 3D a lot more.

Before the baby came, we redid the appartment we are living in, but never got around to decorate it properly. I wanted to change that for us, and thus came upon the idea of making paper models. So, all the models you see here are the models i really did for myself and my family. It's not somthing I'll just make for sake of making, but in actuality something that I planed to decorate my walls with.

I wanted to take the oppurunity and share them with other people, thinking "Hey, maybe someone else will like to have them too.". So here we are.

05.04.2019. by PaperPoly